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We must have all your information no later than 30 days prior to the due date in order to complete your returns on time. Missing information will delay the timely preparation of your return. If your return cannot be completed in time we will file an extension for you, However, if you think a payment needs to be made, you must contact us 5 days prior to the deadline so that we may get you a voucher with which to send it your payment.

If we have not received any information from you, 15 days prior to your due date, we will not automatically file an extension for you. You must notify us in writing, email or fax if you wish an extension to be filed for you. You need to include your estimate of taxes due so that we can provide a voucher for you to make your payment timely. We must have your request for an extension 10 days prior to your due date. Failure to file for an extension will result in additional penalties and interest charges being assessed by the IRS when the tax return is filed. Failure to pay the taxes by the due date will increase those penalties and interest charges.